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It's More Than Just a Job!
.The secret of success in life is for a woman to be ready for her opportunity when it comes!

Becoming an Amante Consultant gives you just that: - Real Rewards and Real Opportunities.

Our No.1 Rule is to enjoy yourself!

Become a part of the Amante family and spend more time with yours. Successfully balancing work, family, friends and "you" time is challenging. A career with Amante provides you with the freedom to create your own schedule and work from the comfort of your own home. As a business with strong family values, Amante is proud to offer a relationship based business opportunity to cater to every lifestyle ….


Amante Jewellery was founded on a dream. A dream to…


earn extra money to supplement your income or begin a new career
set your own schedule
be your own boss
enjoy a nice lifestyle with your family
spend more time with your children.

Do you have any of these same dreams? If so, becoming an Amante Jewellery Independent Consultant could help you achieve those dreams! We have an excellent compensation and growth plan for our independent consultants. It is fun and easy and our sales program has proven our jewellery “sells itself”!

In addition to pursuing your dreams, you will meet new and exciting people while selling beautiful jewellery in a home setting and have fun at the same time. We have combined all of the right ingredients to help make your dreams come true.

Amante Jewellery offers a range of demonstrator packages tailored to what you want! We match your budget and include the jewellery you would like to sell. You can get started today and all you need is to purchase your jewellery – we supply the rest including display materials, order forms, packaging and business cards.

As an Amante Jewellery Independent Consultant, you earn your commissions on every sale. You will collect your commissions by retaining 30% of the retail sales of each party. In addition to your commissions, you can also qualify for additional commissions when you recruit others and grow your team. It is that easy to turn your dreams into reality.

Today is a perfect day to join the Amante team!


Sell with confidence:
We stand behind all of our products and want you to be confident in what you are selling.

We pride ourselves on only offering quality products:


Genuine .925 sterling silver
Genuine 9ct Gold - Australian and Italian crafted with a quality guarantee (no plated products - only the real thing!)
Genuine 18ct Gold – Italian crafted with a quality guarantee (no plated products - only the real thing!)

Our Base Consultants program includes:
30% minimum commission on all sales for party plan consultants
5% of the sales for every person you recruit into the Amante Jewellery family (Active Status Maintained)
Personal discounts on all merchandise
Unlimited ordering
No monthly quotas

Starting your own very Amante Jewellery business is easy.
Would you like some more information contact us today and please take the time to read our information by clicking on the links below:

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Is Amante Jewellery for Me?

Simple ways to sell Amante Jewellery

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